Spotfire 4.0 is announced

I never liked pre-announcements of "new" products, especially if they are in state which will screw my PCs. But almost everybody doing it to us, starting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Denali can be downloaded as "CTP3"), Tableau 7.0, Qlikview 11 (Qliktech partners and customers can download "Release candidate") etc. Just a few months after releasing Spotfire 3.3, TIBCO announced that Spotfire 4.0 will be available in November 2011 with a lot of new features.


Some of them sound like buzzwords: ""free dimensional" analytics, collective intelligence, visual and social data discovery etc." (we need that marketing will brainwash us, right?), but some of them can be very useful, like integration with TIBBR (that I like; in fact TIBCO has many other good products and they should be integrated with Spotfire) and SharePoint (sounds like a M$ bending to me, I don't see too much DV money coming from SharePoint hole), support for dynamic icons, sparklines,

stepped linecharts, pop-over filters and legends, better font management, embedded actions and more. Some features I wish will be added, but I guess we need to wait more: I wish to be able to read with Spotfire the SSAS and PowerPivot multidimensional Cubes and support for some other Data Sources, like Tableau 6.1 does...


Spotfire and its Web Player Server support  now the latest web browsers, .NET 4.0 and it dropped support for obsolete stuff like Internet Explorer 6 and Windows 2003 Server. I mentioned on this blog earlier that I like Spotfire Silver 2.0 and the wealth and depth of Spotfire Analytical Platform (S-Plus, Miner, S+FinMetrics, Spotfire Developer/API, Statistics, Data and Automation Services, Metrics, Network Analysis, Decision Site, Clinical Graphics and more, this list should make Qliktech and Tableau worry or at least try to add similar features...).


Spotfire updated their set of Demos to reflect Spotfire 4.0 features: Spotfire Demos and Templates. More to come later, especially when Spotfire 4.0 will be Released (as oppose to be announced).


  1. Hi Andrei,
    I was wondering on your comment regarding DV for SharePoint and whether you meant there was an undeveloped market opportunity but little vendor interest to integrate with SP or you meant the opposite.

  2. Andrei Pandre21/12/11 04:07


    this question asked by many people, and I will try to clarify my answer. I do not see a big opportunity related to SharePoint. I personally consider SharePoint as a bad piece of software. However many vendors disagree with my opinion and keep trying to develop for it and/or integrate with it and I always wondering how much revenue and profit they are getting from it. I do not advise people to use SharePoint...

    Regards, Andrei