Advizor Analyst vs. Tableau or Qlikview...

I feel guilty for many months now: I literally do not have time for project I wish to do for a while: to compare Advizor Analyst and other Visual Discovery products from Advizor Solutions, Inc. with leading Data Visualization products like Tableau or Qlikview. I am asking visitors of my blog to volunteer and be a guest blogger here; the only pre-condition here is: a guest blogger must be the Expert in Advizor Solutions products and equally so in on of these 3: Tableau, Qlikview or Spotfire.

ADVIZOR's Visual Discovery™ software is built upon strong data visualization technology spun out of a research heritage at Bell Labs that spans nearly two decades and produced over 20 patents. Formed in 2003, ADVIZOR has succeeded in combining its world-leading data visualization and in-memory-data-management expertise with predictive analytics to produce an easy to use, point and click product suite for business analysis.

Advizor has many Samples, Demos and Videos on its site: http://www.advizorsolutions.com/gallery/ and some web Demos, like this one

http://webnav.advizorsolutions.net/adv/Projects/demo/MutualFunds.aspx but you will need the Silverlight plugin for your web browser installed.

If you think that Advizor can compete with Data Visualization leaders and you have interesting comparison of it, please send it to me as MS-Word article and I will publish it here as a guest blog post. Thank you in advance...


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  2. My team uses Advizor Analyst a lot for cyber-security.
    We gather data from so many different sources and the volume makes it very difficult to review over a longer period of time (i.e. weeks or months).
    However, with Advizor Analyst, we being able to manipulate the data into a format that allows us to easily find 'one offs' or items that are extremely difficult to see in a spreadsheet (regardless of pivot tables and other methods) allows us to see things not normally found due to the enormous volume of data. I highly recommend using this tool for various types of analysis that requires large volumes of data at once.

  3. Sorry... I meant to say that we're using Advizor Analyst.

  4. All too often, technology appears like an arms race with an ever increasing series of functions being highlighted as a product differentiator. What is frequently missing however is the utility value and the commercial relationships required to deliver BI at an enterprise level globally.

    I have used many of the global BI tools, attempted to purchase even more, and found clients frustrated with legacy products that they were unwilling to reconsider. My experiences with Advizor and the team are outstanding. The product is very reliable, easy to adopt, is responsive BUT, and this is a massive differentiator from my experience with other products, the team are very commercially responsive, do not overcommit to what they can't deliver, and really understand what BI success looks like in the real world.

    I have worked with the Advizor product suite for very large data sets, complex technical algorithms and required advanced visualisation techniques to make the results of analysis comprehensible. I have no hesitation in recommending the product at both an individual researcher level as well as an enterprise level.