DV Comparison: Qlikview, Spotfire, Tableau, MS BI Stack

Published the comparison of 4 leading DV Products, see http://wp.me/PCJUg-1T

I did not included into comparison the 5th leading product - Visokio's Omniscope, because it has very limited scalability due the specifics of it's implementation: Java does not allow to visualize too much data. Among factors to considered when comparing DV tools:

  • - memory optimization [Qlikview is the leader in in-memory columnar database technology];

  • - load time [I tested all products above and PowerPivot is the fastest];

  • - memory swapping [Spotfire is only who can use a disk as a virtual memory, while Qlikview limited by RAM only];

  • - incremental updates [Qlikview probably the best in this area];

  • - thin clients [Spotfire has the the best THIN/Web/ZFC (zero-footprint) client, especially with their recent release of Spotfire 3.2 and Spotfire Silver];

  • - thick clients [Qlikview has the best THICK client] ,

  • - access by 3rd party tools [PowerPivot's integration with Excel 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services and SharePoint 2010 is a big attraction];

  • - interface with SSAS cubes [PowerPivot has it, Tableau has it, Omniscope will have it very soon, Qlikview and Spotfire do not have it],

  • - GUI [3-way tie, it is heavily depends on personal preferences, but in my opinion Qlikview is more easy to use than others];

  • - advanced analytics [Spotfire 3.2 is the leader here with its integration with S-PLUS and support for IronPython and other add-ons]

  • - the productivity of developers involved with tools mentioned above. In my experience Qlikview is much more productive tool in this regard.

p003: http://wp.me/pCJUg-3R

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