Qlikview Prices

Qliktech made its price list public on its website. In a move that calls for "other enterprise software and business intelligence vendors to follow suit, QlikTech is taking the mystery out of purchasing software".

I expanded this post with comments and comparison of pricing from Qlikview and Tableau.

I have to mention that Tableau has pricing on its website for years. I wish Tableau will publish on its website the pricing for Core License (for Tableau Server) and more detail for Tableau Digital and Server pricing, but other than that, Tableau is a few years ahead of Qliktech in terms of "pricing transparency"... Also talking with Qliktech sales people until today was more time consuming then needed and I hope that public pricing will make it more easy.

One note about Qlikview pricing: Qliktech has a very weird requirement to buy a Document License ($350 per named user, per 1 (ONE) document) for each document is a potential time-bomb for Qlikview. But they are very good at sales  (Total Q4 2011 revenue of $108.1 million increases 33% compared to fourth quarter of 2010, see http://investor.qlikview.com/secfiling.cfm?filingID=1193125-12-65355&CIK=1305294) and not me, so I will be glad if Qliktech will prove me wrong!

 Again, for now, just review this:


I tried to compare the cost of average Deployment  for Qlikview-based and Tableau-based Data Visualization Systems using currently Published prices of Qlikview and Tableau (I actually have an estimation for Spotfire-based deployment too, but TIBCO did not published its pricing yet). See prices in table below, and comparison of average deploymnet after/below this table:

[googleapps domain="docs" dir="spreadsheet/pub" query="hl=en_US&hl=en_US&key=0AuP4OpeAlZ3PdFJYRUNwOXZ6VHdrczFyeDE3a3k5S2c&output=html&widget=true" width="508" height="440" /]

I took as average the deployment with 46 users (it is my estimate of average Qlikview Deployment), 3 desktop clients, 10 documents/visualizations available to 10 (potentially different) named users each, 1 Application Server and maintenance for 3 years.


My estimate of total cost for 3 years came up as about $118K for Qlikview Deployment and $83K for Tableau Deployment (both before discounts and taxes and both do not include any development, training, consulting and IT cost).

Note 3/8/12: you may wish to review this blog post too:



  1. Oracle also has published it's global price list for years. Obviously, these numbers are a start to the negotiations.

  2. Intresting news, thanks Andrei ;-)

  3. Thanks Andrei, very useful comparison.

  4. Andrei, What do you mean by each document is a potential timebomb for qlikview?

    I'm not that familiar with the industry.

  5. Hi Andrei, Can you send me your more detailed spreadsheet of the calculations shown in the Pricing comparison table?

    Sanjeev (sanjeev.aggarwal@smb-gr.com)