Google+ extension of this blog: 4277+ followers

On May 3rd of 2012 the Google+ extension http://tinyurl.com/VisibleData of this Data Visualization blog reached 500+ followers, on July 9 it got 1000+ users, on October 11 it had already 2000+ users, 11/27/12 my G+ Data Visualization Page has 2190+ followers and still growing every day (updated as of 12/01/12: 2500+ followers.

One of reasons of course is just a popularity of Data Visualization related topics and other reason covered in interesting article here:

http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9232329/Why_I_blog_on_Google_And_how_ .

In any case, it helped me to create a reading list for myself and other people, base on feedback I got. According to CicleCount, as of 11/13/12 update, my Data Visualization Google+ Page ranked as #178 most popular page in USA. Thank you G+ !

Update 5/25/13: G+ extension of this blog now has 3873+ followers and as of  7/15/13 as of 4277+ followers):




  1. Andrei,

    thanks for sharing your growth stats and the link to using G+ for blogging. Congrats on achieving this breakout growth.


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