Advizor Visual Discovery, Part 1

If you visited my blog before, you know that my classification of Data Visualization and BI vendors are different from researchers like Gartner. In addition to 3 DV Leaders - Qlikview, Tableau, Spotfire - I rarely have time to talk about other "me too" vendors.

However, sometimes products like Omniscope, Microstrategy's Visual Insight, Microsoft BI Stack (Power View, PowerPivot, Excel 2013, SQL Server 2012, SSAS etc.), Advizor, SpreadshetWEB etc. deserve attention too. However, it takes so much time, so I am trying to find guest bloggers to cover topics like that. 7 months ago I invited volunteers to do some guest blogging about Advizor Visual Discovery Products:


So far nobody in  USA or Europe committed to do so, but recently Mr. Srini Bezwada, Certified Tableau Consultant and Advizor-trained expert from Australia contacted me and submitted the article about it.  He also provided me with info about how Advizor can be compared with Tableau, so I will do it briefly, using his data and opinions. Mr. Bezwada can be reached at

sbezwada@smartanalytics.com.au , where he is a director at


Below is quick comparison of Advizor with Tableau. Opinions below belong to Mr. Srini Bezwada. Next blog post will be a continuation of this article about Advizor Solutions Products, see also Advizor's website here:


Time to implementVery FastFast, ADVIZOR can be implemented within DaysTableau Leads
ScalabilityVery GoodVery GoodTableau: virtual RAM
Desktop License$1,999$ 1,999$3,999 for AnalystX with Predictive modeling
Server License/user$1K, min 10 users, 299 K for EnterpriseDeployment license for up to 10 named users $8 KADVIZOR is a lot cheaper for Enterprise Deployment $75 K for 500 Users
Support fees / year



1st year included
SaaS PlatformCore or DigitalOffers Managed HostingADVIZOR Leads
Overall CostAbove AverageCompetitiveADVIZOR Costs Less
Enterprise ReadyGood for SMBCheaper cost model for SMBTableau is expensive for Enterprise Deployment
Long-term viabilityFastest growthPrivate company since 2003.Tableau is going IPO in 2013
MindshareTableau PublicGrowing FastTableau stands out
Big Data SupportGoodGoodTableau is 32-bit
Partner NetworkGoodLimited PartnershipsTableau Leads
Data InteractivityExcellentExcellent
Visual DrilldownVery GoodVery Good
Offline ViewerFree ReaderNoneTableau stands out
Analyst's DesktopTableau ProfessionalAdvizor has Predictive ModelingADVIZOR is a Value for Money
Dashboard SupportExcellentVery GoodTableau Leads
Web ClientVery GoodGoodTableau Leads
64-bit DesktopNoneVery GoodTableau still a 32-bit app
Mobile ClientsVery GoodVery Good
Visual ControlsVery GoodVery Good
Data IntegrationExcellentVery GoodTableau Leads
DevelopmentTableau ProADVIZOR Analyst
64-bit in-RAM DBGoodExcellentAdvizor Leads
Mapping supportExcellentAverageTableau stands out
Modeling, AnalyticsBelow AverageAdvanced Predictive ModellingADVIZOR stands out
Predictive ModelingNoneAdvanced Predictive Modeling Capability with Built in KXEN algorithmsADVIZOR stands out
Flight RecorderNoneFlight recorder lets you track, replay, save your analysis steps for reuse by yourself or others.ADVIZOR stands out
Visualization22 Chart typesAll common charts like  bar charts, scatter plots, line charts, Pie charts are supportedAdvizor has Advanced Visualizations like Parabox, Network Constellation
Third party integrationMany Data Connectors, see Tableau's drivers pageADVIZOR integrates well with CRM software: Salesforce.com, Ellucian, Blackbaud and others.ADVIZOR leads in CRM area
TrainingFree Online and paid ClassroomFree Online and paid via company trainers & PartnersTableau Leads


  1. Collur Dhananjay3/3/13 23:51

    Question to Mr. Bezwada:
    Do you think Tableau is better suited for some specific segment as compared to Advizor? Similarly, does Advizor have better following in any specific vertical?

  2. Andrei Pandre4/3/13 12:02

    "Hi Mr. Dhananjay,

    In my view Tableau and ADVIZOR both offer data visualization and can be adapted to many verticals where there is a need to visualize data to identify trends, patterns, outliers etc within the data, that is normally difficult for a human mind to identify while looking at a set of numbers or rows and columns of data.

    ADVIZOR provides data discovery through a range of sophisticated visualizations that particularly appeals to advanced users. It also delivers predictive modelling capabilities, an in-memory database, and client tools for the Web and iPad. Regular users can use these capabilities to gain insights consuming highly interactive dashboards, but Advizor's real value will be better perceived by power users doing ad hoc visual analysis — replacing or complementing query and table-based analytics from other tools.

    Both products have clients in different verticals. The choice of tool depends on the business need of the organisation.

    Hope the above helps,
    Srini Bezwada"

  3. Alba labarca15/3/13 23:01

    What is your opinion about Omniscope?

  4. Andrei Pandre18/3/13 05:49

    I love Omniscope: a few years ago it was the most innovative product on market.
    Omniscope's vendor Visokio has the extremely talented team. I had a few posts about Visokio on this blog.
    I disagree with Visokio's decision to implement Omniscope in Java: it limits its capacity very much. I disagree with Visokio's decision to keep the company private - it limits it marketing and sales abilities to a degree that it puts itself in danger to be overrun by market leaders like Qlikview, Tableau and Spotfire