Data Visualization Poll (Fall 2011)

7 months ago I published a poll on LinkedIn and got a lot of responses, 1340 votes (in average 1 vote per hour) and comments. People asked me many times to repeat this poll from time to time. I guess it is time to re-Poll. I added 2 more choices (LinkedIn allows maximum 5 choices in their polls and it is clear not enough for this poll), based on a feedback I got: Omniscope and Visual Insight/Microstrategy. I also got some angry voters complaining that certain vendors are funding this poll. This is completely FALSE, I am unaffiliated with any of vendors, mentioned in this poll and I am working for completely independent (from those vendors) software company, see the About page of this Blog.

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  1. taille608/9/11 00:31

    How come there is no choice of JasperReports?

  2. To be honest though, for most people it will be a "What do I use now vs. Excel?" as most of us haven't really got in deep with all of them.

  3. Andrei Pandre30/9/11 08:46

    To be honest, I found your comment very strange: almost any Data Visualization tool is available for download and trial, so play with it and form your OWN opinion (I assume that you are here because you care about Data Visualization technologies and tools, right?)

    Warm Regards,

  4. I have spent the last 6 months or so evaluating several of these tools and we have been using Power Pivot since March 2010. In my opinion Spotfire ease of use makes it a clear winner.

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